There are thousands of unwanted dogs in South Africa and each year many of these dogs are euthanized. There is a ignorance amongst people to neuter/spay dogs which increase the chance of unwanted and accidental litters.

Greyhound Rescue SA is a NPO (registration pending) dedicated to the plight of greyhounds in South Africa. We aim to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused and abandoned greyhounds.
Our biggest problem at this stage is the starvation of greyhounds used in hunting of the many informal settlements in South Africa.
If you wish to adopt a greyhound please click on the link below and complete the application form, emailing a copy to


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  2. We got an IG 18 months ago and a rescue grehound 8 months ago, WELL our lives changed with having these beautiful animals. The fact that they are so gentle, humurous and loving, and fitted right in with our other five dogs (all different breeds). It has been a pleasure to meet Debbie from Grehoundrescuesa and a lot of respect for what she does for this breed. We have the pleasure of adopting another rescue greyhound puppy that has been abused (she arrives fm natal on Tuesday). Needless to say we are extremely excited and full of love to be able to rehabilitate this baby to her full potential (I CAN’T WAIT). Debbie thank you!!

  3. Can we phone you? What’s the contact number? A greyhound x Afrikaaner is needing a new home. He attacked the household cats. He’s 18mths old, much loved and fully vaccinated.
    Kind regards

  4. hi pls place me on adoption list – i had 3 greyhounds – most beautifull – old man lost due to cancer – would like to adopt one that needs rehab if necesarry .
    thanks karen

  5. Good morning. We just discovered the wonderful italian greyhound. One of them was adopted by a lady here in Johannesburg and she suggested that we contact Greyhound Rescue if we are thinking of adopting one. We stay in Roodepoort and have two miniture ‘worsies’. The one is very old and we realise that we need to think of a new ‘baby’. I would really like to be on you list of possible adoption parents in Johannesburg.

  6. Ek wil graag uitvind hoe ons te werk kan gaan om n SA Boerwindhond aanteneem. Ons woon op plaas net buite Dwaalboom. My man is n Veears hier en ons is mal oor die skoon slanke lyne van die windhonde. Ons het self ook n Whippet. Sy is gentle en dierbaar. Ons kan moontlik meer as een aanneem. Ons hou van n groep honde bymekaar wat almal in vrede kan saam bly. Kontak my gerus. Groete Elizma

  7. NEW OWNER NEEDED FOR FABULOUS 1 YR OLD GREYHOUND: I am fostering a greyhound as it’s owner has emigrated and left her dogs behind to be re-homed. Fernando is about 1 year old, house-trained and obeys commands and is possibly the sweetest and smartests dog I have ever known. He needs a home-based new owner who will walk him every day and love him to bits. He is gentle, kind and very loving. He’s a caramel coloured neutered male. I am in Muizenberg, Cape Town – please call Carrie: 082 9765905, email

  8. HIiDebby

    We were at Huddle Park yesterday and your greyhounds touched my heart so much. I cannot believe that people can treat their animals so badly. I am in touch with one of the sahreholders of 14 Spur restaurants and he I told him about your work. He said that he will be willing to help with bones from their restaruants as well as fund raising evenings. His name is Peet and his contact n umber is 0733930602. I am happy to help wherever I can -please let me know if you want me to meet with him again to discuss



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